Aromatherapy Massage

Aromatherapy massage is a specialized massage therapy with the addition of one or more essential oils. We offer three options to choose from with corresponding essential oils according to your needs.

  1. REFRESHING: Lemongrass, Citrus, Mint,
  2. RELAXING: Lavender, Rose
  3. REJUVENATING: Rose, Sandalwood, Jasmine

A guide to choose what you need:

  1. Choose Refreshing essential oils for aromatherapy massage if you have worked whole day or night, have had a sleepless night, have a hangover or headache, jet lag, and still have a meeting or duty to attend to and you need to revive both body and mind.

    7 am-12 noon is normally the best time for refreshing oils. Our refreshing Music, essential candle, lemon drinks, and mint tea will help you to refresh.

  2. Choose Relaxing Oil if you need a good rest after completing some hard work, long trek or travel. Aromatherapy massage with this oil combination is helpful in removing all tiredness, pain and stress from both body and mind in order to completely let go of all tension.

  3. Choose Rejuvenating Oil if you need to recover your energy due to any type of emotional stress. It also helps handle feelings of loneliness from a recent break-up, will help release negative feelings of memories. An aromatherapy massage with these oils is also ideal for increasing feelings of love - it's nice for a couple on vacations and for newlyweds. Our music, essential candle, chocolate drinks, or tea will help you Rejuvenate.

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